aint it the truth...

i've been reading "man's search for meaning" by the one and only beloved viktor e frankl, these last couple days.
he says (speaking of selfless men who shared their last piece of bread with the others)

"[they] offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms--to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."

i've always loved reading about the holocaust and the suffering of the jews. it shows us what little things we need to be grateful. and how truly blessed we are.
there's a lot of bad things in this world, but i would almost bet there's twice as many good things.

and this brings me to why i like working with old folks.
they take joy in simple things,
are so gracious and courteous,
optomistic through frailties,
comfortable with their skin,
content with their personal belongings,
wise with years,
and modest with all they say and do.

sometimes i yearn for the time when i will be that age.
i really cant wait.

today i have been noticing all the beautiful things in life-
some of which include:
a.wrinkles with age skies
c.turquoise and salmon red together
d.the many colors of human skin
e.words on a printed page of an old book
f.two grandma's hugging
g.kind compliments
h.helping hands
i.brown glitter toes
j.lush green gardens
k. an old woman trying to write "western family, parmesan cheese" like 'wstn fmly Panm chess'
and a few of these too:

life is truly beautiful!



do you wanna know how much i love kids? oh, well its almost more then i love old people lately. i cant even stand how cute kids are. especially those ones in my family. simple 'lil things those nuggets do, make a bad day, good.
i want a baby this much. too bad i'll haveta wait a couple years. and then some.



my mom has a miniature garden of tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, squash, cherries & these lil lovelies.
they are the sweetest 'lil things in your life.
and about half the size of store bought ones (you can't really tell)

so grateful for sweet, healthy, wholesome food.


gr8ful. always.

had to read this a couple times before really comprehending it.
grateful prayers are a must.


adventures lately

this summer has treated me too well. and its so gr8 that its not over yet...
cause august 31 brings bad news bears... a bitter sweet day that my best friend departs to serve the Lord for 2 entire years. yikes.. so proud of that boy! but so scared for my lonliness to come for those 2 years. (oooookay, this post got a bit sidetracked)
anyway, i kicked off the summer with a trip to the one and only lake powell.
its so the best. i cant ever get enufff of that place.
i only was able to snap pictures from my phone the whole trip. t'was too busy having fun in the sun. the first day was a big windy city so we stayed in a ghetto hotel, paid a pretty penny, and ate at a good diner, took a hike, watched the sunset on a diner's PORCH. (whaaaa!) then slept and then bright and early (my mother's request) we were on the beloved lake. i'm definitely a water baby but this trip the water was FRIGID. so instead of bathing in the lake, i chickened out and took a bathe only once. ick.
for real, this trip was one of the best yet. i love the family we go with too too much.
then a bit later on, me and the best friend and danny went to vegas and zionzzz national park.
zionzzz was my fave for sure. we hiked angels landing. and even though i complained the entire time,

it was so worth the view. and we learned something new, you know how when you hike down hill, and it ALWAYS SUCKS cause your forced to basically run down the whole dang time, well if you skip, it makes it easier and fun. but D and A made fun of how i skip. apparently i don't swing my arms.
genetically i have big biceps muscles, so if your thinking, wow her biceps are large, yea i know, thanks to my grandma. i got made fun of this entire trip as well. but dont worry i used them in my favor, for punching out of course.
vegas was a bust to me. the only thing i enjoyed was h&m but i was even disappointed there. i definitely didnt like spending 8 dollars on a baby subway sandwich or feeling dirty because of all the dirty people around me, or being told to leave a casino cause i'm one month (nearly) from being 21. well sir, good thing i was only sitting and not gambling huh.
speaking of 21. thats a gr8 birthday for me cause i'm planning on an adventure that's going to change my life. and i cant wait.
welp, i think this post has got some ADD. but i like it. its been awhile. and i like being back, but dont expect great things in the future because im becoming to hate blogs. just like i did facebook..